Carlos Irwin Estevez is the least popular and real name of the most popular person who played the role of Charlie Harper, in Two and a Half men but professionally he is known as Charlie Sheen. He is an American actor and was born on September 3, 1965. Young guns(1988), Wallstreet(1987), Plantoon(1986), Eight men out(1988), The three musketeers(1993), Major League(1989), and the Hotshots! (1991) made him popular.

Two and a Half men earned him several Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominations. Sheen was once regarded as the highest-paid television actor in with $1.8million per episode of Two and a Half Men, in 2010.

Sheen’s personal life has got so much attention and made headlines for so many reasons including alcohol, allegations of abuse on wife, drugs etc.,


  • Assault on Girlfriend:
    Brittany Ashland, Sheen’s former girlfriend, once filed a case against him on the allegations of physical assault. As a result, Sheen was taken into custody. A year later, he received two-year probation from a California judge. 


  • Restraining order:
    Similar allegations were made on Sheen by his second wife Denise Richards. Charges of physical and verbal abuse and death threats were also filed against him. As a result, they headed to divorce and she eventually received a restraining order against him.


  • HIV positive:
    In an open and live interview to Today Sheen revealed that he is an HIV positive.


  • Domestic violence charges:
    Sheen was arrested on December 25 in Aspen, Colo., on charges of suspicion of second-degree assault on his wife, Brooke Mueller. Other charges in which he was involved include menacing and criminal mischief in a domestic-violence case. He was reported to have cried while being arrested.


  • The Kelly Preston question:
    Kelly Preston and Charlie Sheen almost married if it is not for Sheen accidentally shooting Preston. After the incident Preston changed her mind and married actor John Travolta. However, none of them seemed likely to comment on the incident till date and it remained a mystery over the years. Yet, she told the People in 2011 that “Sheen is such a good person underneath all of it, he really is,”


  • Drugs:
    In an interview with Today, Sheen claimed that he was once a drug addict but he kicked the addiction with the power of his mind. He went onto claim that he indulged in only one vice named “Charlie sheen”.