Backpack your hearts to Kosovo!

I was not as excited to visit Kosovo as am to write this post. For a traveling soul like me, every place is a new experience. I have been thinking lately, that every place I have ever visited has something in common. But this time, I wanted something unique. And as I was Googling through places around the world, Kosovo caught my attention. As I have already said, my soul has been longing for a new experience; I felt that Kosovo might blow me away. But let me admit, I wasn’t high on expectations. Because Kosovo was a relatively new place that got separated from Southern Europe in 2008.\

But as I am writing this blog, let me also confess, Kosovo indeed blew me away. As I was leaving the capital city, I felt that I have left a part of me back in the city, considering the pretty baffling architecture of Pristina.

As I have already admitted that I wasn’t high on expectations, already preconceived notions about the country that it was boring, de-motivated me for this particular trip. But, trust me, am glad that I didn’t fall for my instinct this time. I am glad that I visited the place.

Without a proper plan in place, I was also pretty carried away with what place to visit and what time is perfect for what place. But, Pristina is perfect for all seasons and all-weather.

So, today let me tell you what made me change my mind and is going to change yours too:

  1. Beautiful place:

Kosovo’s beauty lies in Prizren. One trip to Prizren can change your perceptions of Kosovo. It is an old town where you get the déjà-vu vibes the minute you step your foot on the Prizren land. The place is strikingly similar to Bosnia and Herzegovina. So, if you have already visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, you’re going to experience the same magic in a different country. The unique bridges in this region make you want to travel more and more on them. Patriarchate of Pec Monastery, Drini I Bardhe, and the former Ottoman trade center of Gjakova are just the add-ons to the already existing pristine beauty.

Peaceful place:

Kosovo’s tourism sector is still passing through its infant stages. And you rarely encounter any English speakers. The fewer crowds allow you to freely roam the roads of Kosovo’s cities. Although tourism is in its infancy, you aren’t short of tourist attractions. The fewer crowds also mean that you are safe from tourist scams and pickpockets.

How about the budget?

Kosovo is so budget-friendly, that you can take your whole extended family on a trip in just one go. Kosovo is incredibly cheap for a European country. Even the most high-rated hotel would cost you only around 10 euro per night. And a beer, don’t let me begin on that, costs you 1.50 euro. So, guys! If you visit Kosovo, you can booze day and night. Dear men, want to propose to your girl on a fancy date but afraid because it is costing you your salary. Not anymore, fancy dinner in a fancy restaurant is going to cost you no more than 5 euro.


Oh please! Don’t get me started on the love that the local people shower upon you. Because, you can only get overwhelmed and restless with the pure emotion. If you’re a social animal, Kosovo is the best jungle for you. It couldn’t be any more hospitable. Be it at the hotel, restaurant, or a tourist spot, local people went out of their way to ensure we had the best time.


Assemble coffee lovers; coffee is a way of life in Kosovo. Espresso Macchiato is the specialty of Kosovo. Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee sips in the sun and the cobblestoned streets. Every time you sip coffee, the memories travel back to Kosovo.


I have told you that Kosovo is a relatively younger country. But that doesn’t make Kosovo any lesser rich in its history. Yes, it indeed has a tumultuous past, but that couldn’t make any impact on its rich heritage. Multiple powers claim their stakes in Kosovo that led to an international crisis in the 1990s. The crisis motivated Kosovo to declare independence in 2008. But that wasn’t recognized by Russia and Serbia. The country has some fresh scars to offer and first-hand accounts of the war times.


That is all about Kosovo. I hope that the article must have been informative and insightful. If it is, give thumbs up to the write-up and subscribe to the blog. 

Also, let us know in the comment section if any such place has ever surpassed your expectations.