The dagger in the heart of Italy: Vatican City

Twenty thousand people visit Vatican City every day hoping that they get a spiritual moment, but how on earth can anyone expect tranquility amidst the crowd. 

But wait! Don’t get de-motivated already. Yes, the Vatican is crowded but the trip is worth it. The magnificence of the Sistine Chapel, the beauty of St.Peter’s Basilica, the art history, and the museums make your visit a memorable one.

When you talk to the locals of the Vatican they have got a slew of facts to rattle off any moment. So, before exploring the Vatican let’s just quickly glance through the intriguing facts:


  • According to the United Nations website, the population of Vatican City in 2020 is just 800. That’s an incredibly less number of people. That must have been ringing some bells. If the population is just 800, where do all the people and the pope stays? Let me answer them one by one.
  • The people who live in Vatican City are neither the inhabitants nor were they born in the city. The Roman Catholics whom you come across during your visit are the people who just work there including the Clergy, Guards, and the security forces.
  • As I said earlier, no one lives in the city. So, no one is born in the city. Even the families of the people who work there stay outside the city. Another interesting fact is that citizenship is conferred not by birth but to those who work in the city.
  • Apart from the clergy and the forces, the pope stays here. The place where the pope sleeps is called Apostolic Palace which is also called Papal Palace. 

  • The smallest country in the world, Vatican City, with its 0.2 square miles area is governed by the absolute monarchy with the Pope at its head. 

If you’ve never planned to visit Vatican City, the above facts might have encouraged you to do so, given its unique features. 

Places you can visit in Vatican City:

  • Sistine Chapel: 

The greatest treasure of the Vatican City and the Rome, Sistine Chapel is the wonder of the renaissance period. The rectangular brick building is the living testimony of art of the renaissance era. If by any chance, you have got an interest in the emergence of political civilization, this place adds an immense amount of value to your knowledge. 

  • St.Peter’s Basilica: 

St.Peter’s Basilica is the UNESCO world heritage site of Vatican City that attracts over 60,000 people annually and is one of the largest churches in the world. The current structure, however, is not the original one. After the original one was knocked down, it took almost 100 years to re-build the magnificent beauty. 

  • Caffeteria Central: 

If you don’t feel like leaving the beauty of the Vatican museums already, Caffeteria Central can be a good reason to spend 4-5 hours more in the museums. 

  • Pio Clementino Gallery: 

Nowhere in the world could you find all the statues at a single place. But you get that privilege here. The gallery started by Pope Julius II was named after Clement XIV (1769-1774) and Pius IV (1775- 1799). 

If you’re visiting Vatican City with your kids, the museums of the city are happy to have you there. Vatican City is a short tour that is filled with fun and knowledge and is going to be the best choice for your summer trip. I hope the article has given you enough reasons to visit Vatican City. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.