Fire Cross Battle Multiple Dartford Blazes Including Large Field Fires Bridge State Canal Crossing and Dartford Heat off A2

Dartford Crossing fire:  London fire out of control

Dartford crews have been busy fighting the blaze all day today on three of the hottest days of the year in separate ways.

About 12 fire engines are currently present near Dartford Crossing and are trying hard to control the fire. Others are battling a dangerous fire near the A2. Efforts are being made to eradicate it, but no significant success has been achieved so far.

Due to this fire, the temperature has turned into the hottest day and the temperature of the city has almost reached above forty, but it is still the end of the day.

It is so far one of the seven wildfires that have reached 42.3C in London and parts of the surrounding area.

It appears as if the fire has spread dangerously around Londonand several residential buildings are also burning.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques: What is the cause of wildfires in Europe?

Ans: Wildfires in Greece, Spain, and Germany have all been linked to warmer temperatures and lower humidity due to climate change.

Ques: What are the three principal elements in wildfire conduct?

Ans: Fire Behavior Triangle. Just as there is a fire triangle, which is made up of heat, oxygen, and fuel, there is another triangle called the fire behavior triangle. The three legs of this triangle are fuel, weather, and topography. The sections below go into more depth about each of these and their effect on the fire.

Ques: Which country is most affected by forest fires?

Ans: Throughout 2021, Brazil reported about 184 thousand wildfire outbreaks, the highest figure ever recorded in South America. Bolivia recorded the second largest number of wildfires in the region that year at over 34 thousand.

Ques: Are wildfires common in Europe?

Ans: This year there are nearly four times more wildfires in Europe than average. A devastating mix of record-breaking temperatures and severe droughts have helped fuel wildfires across Europe (see chart).

Ques: Are there wildfires in Europe?

Ans: A severe heat wave has sparked widespread wildfires in countries across Europe, which are struggling to control devastating wildfires that have displaced thousands of people. The continent is also battling a record-breaking heat wave, which experts say is driven by climate change.

Ques: How fast can forest fires spread?

Ans: 14.27 mph

How fast do wildfires spread? The stronger the wind, the faster the forest fire spreads. And since heat builds up, fires grow more quickly as they go up. Once ignited and spread, it can travel at 14.27 mph, destroying everything in its path.