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What are the best Disney animated movies to watch on Halloween weekend recommended by IMDb?

The best Disney movies of all time, from animated masterpieces to Muppet adventures.

Disney has mesmerized us for years with its wonderful stories and animated epics; Fairy tales have been transformed, legends have taken on magical qualities, and we've all sung "Let It Go" more times than we dare count. Which, however, is the best? This is a challenging query and we have tried to solve it.

You can imagine how challenging it was to narrow down the best Disney movies and organize them in a way that doesn't trample on anyone's childhood memories. Everyone has a favorite Disney movie. But we succeeded.

This list of the best Disney movies showcases the glorious history of the House of Mouse on the big screen, from contemporary hits to animated classics. Although some of the more recent films like Encanto haven't had much success, you can take comfort in knowing that ironically, The Last Order gave us some sleepless nights.

Disney Animated Theatrical Movies Ranked on Goggle

6. Beauty and the Beast (1991 film)

animated poster of Beauty and the Beast (1991 film), the lion king 1994
new Disney animated movies

American animated musical love fantasy picture "Beauty and the Beast (1991)" produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. In this fantasy film, Belle, a stunning young woman, agrees to live with the Beast in exchange for the release of her kidnapped father. Belle's terrifying captor, who she soon learns is an enchanted prince, is a human.

Directed by Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise
Based onBeauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont
StarringPaige O'Hara, Rex Everhart, David Ogden Stiers, Richard White, Jesse Corti, Angela Lansbury, Jerry Orbach, Robby Benson
Distributed byBuena Vista Pictures Distribution
Release dateNovember 13, 1991 (United States)
Running time84 minutes
CountryUnited States

How many different movies based on Beauty and the Beast exist?
Walt Disney Studios produced a side story (or "midquel") in 1997, two more in 1998 and 1999, and a live-action remake in 2017. All these films were released in 1991 apart from his masterpiece. The story of these five films has been supported by four more films.

What is the age difference between Belle and the Beast?
In the film, Belle is approximately 17 years old, while Prince Adam, who plays the Beast, is 21 years old.

What do people think of "Beauty and the Beast (1991)" Sing-Along, A Musical/Fantasy Movie?
The 2017 version of "Beauty and the Beast" is one of my top ten all-time favorite musicals. I keep coming back to this movie. Such a cute movie. I was nine when it first aired and now that it's on Disney+ I can't stop watching it.

a romantci scene of Beauty and the Beast (1991) Sing-Along - A 1991 Musical/Fantasy Movie, disney animated movies
comedy animation movies

Everything in the castle is breathtakingly beautiful, including the costumes, actors, and actresses. He did an excellent job.

I love that Josh Gad and Emma Watson are also involved. Emma portrays the role of Belle, while Josh portrays LeFoo. The reason I love these two so much is that Josh played Olaf in Frozen, my favorite Disney movie when I was six, and Emma played Hermione Granger in all the Harry Potter movies, which I adore.

I love this movie and all the actors and actresses are amazing singers. Without a doubt, I would recommend this movie!

Review of "Beauty and the Beast (1991) Sing-Along - A 1991 Musical/Fantasy Movie" on the Web:

IMDbVuduLetter-BoxdGoogle users
8/10 (‎452,980 votes) 4.7/5 (‎61,094 reviews)3.9/5 ‎(250,517 votes)91% liked this film


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5. Werewolf By Night (TV Special 2022)

movie poster of Werewolf By Night (TV Special 2022), new animation movies
great mouse detective

Werewolf by Night (2022) is an American television special. In this TV show, after the death of their commander, a secret cabal of demon hunters emerge from the shadows and converge on the Bloodstone Temple; Participants are forced into a dangerous and mysterious competition for a powerful artifact.

Action-adventure, Horror, Fantasy, Superhero
Directed by Michael Giacchino
Based onMarvel Comics
StarringGael García Bernal, Harriet Sansom Harris, Laura Donnelly
Distributed byMarvel Studios
Release dateOctober 7, 2022
Running time53 minutes
CountryUnited States

Is A Werewolf By Night Movie Being Produced By Marvel?
Marvel is getting into the Halloween spirit with their first-ever Disney+ original movie, Werewolf by Night. Although Werewolf by Night is in the horror category, don't be too bothered. It looks more like the classic Universal horror movies than any gorefest released recently.

a girl is performing her action in Werewolf by Night - A 2022 Superhero TV Special, aladdin 1992
Disney short films

Is Werewolf By Night a good or bad movie?
When Jack Russell transforms into a feral hybrid known as the Werewolf by Night and becomes a howling, hirsute hero, he realizes the truth of who he is.

Is "Werewolf by Night" appropriate?
It is shot in black and white on studio sets, in homage to the great horror films of the 1930s and 1940s. It should be noted that the story contains graphic violence, many questionable scenes, and scary monsters, which may disturb children.

Review of "Werewolf by Night - A 2022 Superhero TV Special" on the Web:

7.4/10 (‎22,559 votes)91% (88 votes)


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4. Fantasia (1940 film)

movie poster of Fantasia (1940 film), brother bear
good animation movies

Walt Disney Productions produced and distributed the American animated musical anthology film Fantasia (1940). The 1940 film was Disney's boldest effort to date. Realizing his dream of combining classical music with animated images. What began as a vehicle to expand Mickey Mouse's career blossomed into a full-fledged feature that is unique in the history of animation.

Directed by Samuel Armstrong, Norman Ferguson, Ford Beebe, James Algar, Hamilton Luske, Ben Sharpsteen, Bill Roberts, Wilfred Jackson, Jim Handley, Paul Satterfield, T. Hee, David D. Hand
StarringLeopold Stokowski, Deems Taylor
Distributed byRKO Radio Pictures
Release dateNovember 13, 1940
Running time126 minutes
CountryUnited States

What is the difference between Fantasia 1940 and Fantasia 2000?
Except for the inclusion of the Mickey Mouse-starring Sorcerer's Apprentice scene, Fantasia 2000 is completely different from the original Fantasia. No need to look ahead. Each scene exists in and of itself; They are simply combined to form a single film.

What makes Fantasia unique?
Many timeless Disney films are still enjoyable for families today, but "Fantasia" stands out for its inventive ideas and artistic visuals. It doesn't work every minute, but that's the price you pay for being free to try new things.

What lesson does imagination teach us?
The not-so-subtle lesson of the story about playing with fire is an old one: children should listen to their parents and avoid taking on adult responsibilities without adult supervision.

Who is Fantasia's antagonist?
Chernabog is the main antagonist of the 1940 Disney animated feature film Fantasia and a monster appearing in the sequence "Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria". He corresponds to the god of the night in Slavic mythology.

animated movie scene of Beauty and the Beast (1991) Sing-Along - A1991 Musical/Fantasy Movie, best animation movies
latest animation movies

What do people think of this 1940s fantasy/musical film "Fantasia"?
I have thoroughly enjoyed this movie since I was a kid. I love the soundtrack, the visuals, the mood, the characters, and most importantly, the artistic and musical composition. Sure, there are still some scenes that might scare or upset me a bit, but despite that, I've always loved this movie and will continue to love it.

I heartily recommend watching this film; You'll enjoy it, but I believe you'll enjoy the visuals and musical soundtrack even more. You'll enjoy Mickey Mouse's performance in The Sorcerer's Apprentice; This is one of my favorite opportunities to see Mickey in a specific outfit.

Review of "Beauty and the Beast (1991) Sing-Along - A 1991 Musical/Fantasy Movie" on the Web:

IMDbAmazonLetter-BoxdGoogle users
7.7/10 (‎96,791 votes) 4.1/5 (‎1,399 reviews)3.8/5 ‎(113,805 votes)83% liked this film


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3. The Bad Guys (2022)

movie poster of The Bad Guys (2022), treasure planet
list of Disney animated movies

The Bad Guys (2022) is an American computer-animated heist comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation Studios and released by Universal Pictures. It is largely based on the Aaron Blaby children's book series "The Bad Guys."

Directed by Pierre Perifel
Based onThe Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey
StarringSam Rockwell, Alex Borstein, Richard Ayoade, Craig Robinson, Marc Maron, Lilly Singh, Zazie Beetz, Awkwafina, Anthony Ramos
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release dateApril 22, 2022 (United States)
Running time100 minutes
CountryUnited States

Is The Bad Guys a kid-friendly movie?
The plot of the animated adventure The Bad Guys moves quickly yet predictably. Positive lessons are also offered about the value of second chances and the goodness in everyone. Except for very young audiences, you can watch this movie as a family with kids of all ages.

How does the movie The Bad Guys end?
Marmalade managed to capture the witch and the wolf with the help of the snake, but luckily they were rescued by the webs, sharks, and piranhas. Before they arrive at Marmalade's facility, the new gang stops the trucks carrying the stolen charity funds and delivers them to their rightful place.

Why do both humans and animals appear in "The Bad Guys"?
Given that the group feels that they can never be accepted by civilization due to storytelling tropes identifying their species as villains, it is important to the plot and premise of The Bad Guys that these criminal characters are all animals.

Why should I watch this 2022 comedy/adventure movie "The Bad Guys"?
What a fantastic movie! Excellent script and animation. I was immediately engrossed. Brought back memories of Ocean's 11, which I loved. Although DreamWorks has released many great movies recently, this one ranks among the best since Shrek.

movie scene of The Bad Guys - A 2022 Comedy/Adventure Movie, zootopia 2
best animation movies 2021

Daniel Pemberton is a true artist and master of music. I don't know a better phrase to describe it, but my wife and I turned to music. It creates a mood.

Overall this movie is fantastic for families. Even children can understand these twists, while adults find them mind-blowing. I think those who love quality narration and animation should watch this movie. I will be watching this movie a couple more times (maybe more).

Review of "The Bad Guys - A 2022 Comedy/Adventure Movie" on the Web:

IMDbJust-WatchLetter-BoxdGoogle users
6.8/10 (‎34,777 votes)83% (34,758 votes)3.5/5 ‎(49,014 votes)74% liked this film


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2. Encanto (2021 Disney film)

a movie scene of Encanto (2021 Disney film), the princess and the frog
best animation movies of all time

Encanto is an American computer-animated musical fantasy comedy movie released in 2021 and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The film's Madrigals, a remarkable family, live in Encanto, a charming place hidden in the highlands of Colombia. Except for Mirabel, each member of the family is gifted with a special gift by Encanto's magic. When she learns that the magic that protects Encanto is suddenly threatened, she may soon be the Madrigals' last hope.

Directed by Jared Bush, Byron Howard
StarringStephanie Beatriz, Diane Guerrero, Angie Cepeda, Mauro Castillo, María Cecilia Botero, Wilmer Valderrama, Jessica Darrow, Carolina Gaitán, John Leguizamo
Distributed byWalt Disney Studios, Motion Pictures
Release dateNovember 24, 2021 (United States)
Running time102 minutes
CountryUnited States

Why is Encanto so popular right now?
This year, "Encanto" has gained more popularity than the music of Dua Lipa, Adele, and Doja Cat combined. The album's success is a reflection of TikTok's expanded use of songs and scenes from movies and television series. TikTok can popularize songs and bring singles to the top of the charts for years.

What was Mirabel's influence in Encanto?
Mirabel struggles to fit in with her eccentric family because she has no special powers, unlike her mother who can heal people with food, and her cousin who can communicate with animals. Mirabel always wondered why she didn't get a visit from home.

Will Encanto 2 be released?
The 2021 sequel to Encanto, Encanto 2: A New Generation is an American animated musical fantasy comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The 63rd animated film in the Disney animated canon was released in the United States on August 25, 2024.

a movie scene of Encanto - A 2021 Musical/Family Movie, big hero 6
top animation movies

What do people think about this 2021 musical/family movie "Encanto"?
This is without a doubt one of my favorite Disney movies. Highly recommend watching this movie for the soundtrack alone! I intentionally listen to every song from this movie on Spotify because I love it so much. I have been watching the film's songs for the past two weeks and watching the song over and over again.

All the tracks were well produced and are some of the catchiest songs I've heard in a while. Plot and character development were two other fantastic aspects of the film. I love seeing each gift because each character is special. Ethnicity is also wonderful. I noticed a huge variety in skin tones. It was really enjoyable to watch a movie with different colors.

The makers clearly put a lot of effort into the look of each character and made sure that their emotions were conveyed through their facial expressions. All in all, I just wanted to say that Encanto has become my new favorite comfort film and I sincerely urge you to watch it!

Review of "Encanto - A 2021 Musical/Family Movie" on the Web:

IMDbLetter-BoxdFilm-AffinityGoogle users
7.2/10 (‎215,632 votes)3.7/5 (494,962 votes)6.3/10 ‎(15,306 votes)83% liked this film


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1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937 film)

movie poster of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937 film), zootopia
Disney cartoon movies

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) is an American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Productions and distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.

In this film, Snow White, a princess, flees into the forest after being banished by her stepmother, a cruel queen who wants to kill her. She is soon rescued by seven dwarves who become good friends with her.

Directed by Supervising Director, Perce Pearce, Wilfred Jackson, Sequence Directors, Ben Sharpsteen, William Cottrell, Larry Morey, David Hand
Based onSnow White by The Brothers Grimm
StarringAdriana Caselotti, Moroni Olsen, Billy Gilbert, Otis Harlan, Roy Atwell, Lucille La Verne, Stuart Buchanan, Scotty Mattraw, Harry Stockwell, Eddie Collins, Pinto Colvig
Distributed byRKO Radio Pictures
Release dateFebruary 4, 1938 (United States)
Running time83 minutes
CountryUnited States

What are the names of the first 7 dwarfs?
In the hugely popular animated picture, Disney's first princess listed Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Snazzy, and Dopey as her roommates. However, concept art from the 1937 film shows that there were actually 16 additional dwarves that were almost a part of Snow White's pose.

What is Snow White's real name?
Snow White is the character's real name. The origin of the boy's name is explained in the original story of the Brothers Grimm. On a winter's day, so the story goes, the queen was sewing.

Is the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs fictional or true?
According to research, Countess Margaretha von Waldeck and her alleged lover, Philip II of Spain, may have served as the inspiration for the original story of Snow White. The countess was famous for her beauty and died in 1554.

What lesson does Snow White want to teach us?
One of his most important lessons is the danger of vanity. Due to her inability to accept the fact that she is not the most attractive woman in the kingdom, the cruel queen wants Snow White dead. But in the end, it is her ego that kills her. Another theme covered in this story is the idea of ​​true beauty.

an animate movie scene of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs - A 1937 Family/Fantasy Movie, animation movie
animation movies 2021

Why did people love this 1937 family/fantasy film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"?
When I was only five years old, I remember watching this and instantly falling in love with Snow White. She was the first Disney princess I ever saw, as well as a Disney movie. She is still my favorite Disney princess out of all of them and I love how innocent and singing she is.

Since I have loved animals since I was a child, seeing Snow White love animals was like living in a dream. She is very sweet and friendly with the dwarves, which I wanted to like. If the film was not a commercial success when it was released, we would not be seeing any more Disney films today.

I believe this movie was not just about romance, but about friendship and believing in one's aspirations.

Review of "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs - A 1937 Family/Fantasy Movie" on the Web:

IMDbLetter-BoxdAmazonGoogle users
7.6/10 (‎199,376 votes)3.5/5 (161,205 votes)4.8/5 ‎(11,300 reviews)83% liked this film


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The list of best Disney movies for the family night - Time Out

Beauty and the Beast (1991 film)
Werewolf By Night (TV Special 2022)
Fantasia (1940 film)
The Bad Guys (2022)
Encanto (2021 Disney film)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937 film)