Marvel Cinematic Universe

What is Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

MCUProduce superhero films in Marvel Studios. MCU is an American media franchise company which share different universe centered series as the formats of superhero films.


How many episodes of Ms. Marvel?

How many episodes is Ms. Marvel going to have?

There are 6 Episodes for Ms. Marvel has been released till now.


Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Spoiler

Najima is a poop bad Villain. None of her activities appear to be legit at all. She is Evil at all. Isha was the main individual who knew where the track down it. So he stab down Aisha. Why Did Evil raise such gentle kid like Kamran show him that she is decent human being for all. If Najima died then, she would give Powers to Kamran. But at all Aisha dying didn't give Sana powers.  Her thing that in case of her dying and death wish, Kamala will be back for some reason. But Najima use her power for Kamran. Next is going to be something very interesting.


Marvel movies 2022| Upcoming marvel movies 2022

I Am Groot Shorts (Disney+, August 10)

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Disney+, August 17)

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (November 11)


What is Kamran in Ms. Marvel?

Initially, Kamran secretly works for the Inhuman Lineage – a devious member of the New Aetelon Council who intends to use the inhuman genome to destroy Earth's inhuman population.


Is Thor Love And Thunder A Hit?

At a time when Bollywood is struggling at the box office, Hollywood superhero film 'Thor: Love and Thunder' is reaching unprecedented heights at the box office. The Marvel film that released on Thursday has been declared a hit by trade experts as it crossed the Rs 70 crore mark on its first Monday.


Who is Kamala Khan?

In Marvel Comics, Kamala Khan is a superhero in American comic books. Created by editors Sanaa Amanat and Stephen Wacker, writer G. Willow Wilson, and artists Adrian Alphona and Jamie McKelvie, Khan is Marvel's first Muslim character to bear the title of its own comic book.