Facts about Jessica Day

The cute bubbly girl, Jessica Day, from New Girl, is pretty predictable throughout the show. The very moment she starred in New Girl, she has made a big impression on the audience. From finding out about her boyfriend cheating on her to embarking upon a new journey in a new city with new people, she has sung her way through pleasant and unpleasant situations alike. She had been open about her thoughts and feelings. She has made a new set of friends and colleagues and as part of the journey of her life, she moves in with three guys. All her acts had been predictable yet exciting maybe that’s what made her an open book.

Although she had been open about everything, there are still a lot of things to learn about the cute bubbly lady. Or maybe the audience might have had missed a couple of things here and there. This article is going to fill those gaps today for you:

  • Jessica works as a mid-school teacher by the time the series starts. And the show in various instances hints that Jessica has been teaching for six years by the time series begins. However, the show has never revealed her first job. But if you observe closely, you can infer that teaching is her first job. Jess is already 30 with a master’s degree. Having known that, it is easy for anyone to conclude that Jess has completed six years before the series starts. Even Jess leaves a hint in one of the episodes where she fills the year of her starting job in her roommate’s application. From the above two observations, it is quite easy to deduce that she has begun teaching in 2006.
  • Dear all New Girl fans, here is a question for you. Let’s see how many of you will get it right. What is Jessica’s hobby? If you say singing and knitting, sorry you are out of the game. Because those are not her hobbies. That is astonishing fact to learn to every New Girl Because Jess can be seen playing guitar or knitting in the show quite a lot of times. Let’s go back to roommate application where Jess mentions her favorite past-time to be writing fan fiction.  
  • Would you’ve loved New Girl, if it wasn’t for Zooey Deschanel? Complicated question, right? Well, I need to give it a thought too. But that must have almost happened. Zooey wasn’t the first choice of the makers of the show. Amanda Bynes almost played With her stardom through teen sitcoms and a string of successful movies, she would have brought New Girl, definitely a different style.

  • The series ends with Nick and Jess If you rightly remember, the newly wedded couple’s first son’s name has been revealed a bit earlier in the show. Nick loses to Schmidt in a bet. And the name of the couple’s firstborn son is the result of the bet. Nick wanted to name his son Reginald VelJohnson. While the audience thought that Jess would not approve of the name, to everyone’s surprise, she respects the bet and the name as shown in the climax. 

  • It is evident that the series has started in Portland, Oregon. But the original version wasn’t supposed to be that way. The series would have happened in New York if it wasn’t for the change of decision of the makers. However, Jessica is neither from New York nor She was originally from Michigan

The facts mentioned above are mostly unknown to the majority of the fans, as they have never been revealed directly to the audience. I hope the article was informative in that sense. If you know any other things and facts about the show, share in the comment section.