Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to be one of the fittest sportspeople across the world. It is a known fact that Ronaldo is health-conscious and very specific about his fitness. Ronaldo even has a personal dietician and ramifies his routine diet to six small meals in a day. Ronaldo’s despise for Coca-Cola is genuine and it is not just limited to Cola; rather to all aerated drinks. He gets furious with sugary foods or drinks on his table. Ronaldo has explained that he doesn’t even let his son consume sugary drinks and food, he said in an interview.

However, Ronaldo is not the only person to express their public displeasure on carbonated drinks. Pullela Gopichand, former All England Champion and current Indian badminton coach too responded similarly in the past and rejected an endorsement offer from a soft drink major. He believes that these products are extremely harmful. 

How the unintentional gesture led to an online meme fest?

Online trollers, as always, are quick to make it a trend, and memes featuring Cristiano Ronaldo started inundating the social media platforms since the incident. Memers are employing all their creativity to make people giggle at the unexpected and shocking incident. Here are just a few of them for you to go through and tear with laughter: 

These are just a few memes that are doing rounds on all social media platforms. There are a lot more on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. The unexpected yet funny and intriguing incident has also drawn a lot of attention from people who advocate for a healthy lifestyle by avoiding sugary and manufactured food items and drinks. The debates on the incident and the habits have already started on Youtube and other platforms as well.

Despite the trolls and sympathetic campaigns for Coca-Cola, many of his fans and other people appreciated Ronaldo’s audacity for his daring public gesture. He was also lauded for encouraging people to drink water instead of harmful aerated drinks. A few others also suggest that this trend will encourage people to give up on carbonated drinks and change their lifestyle for the benefit of their health.