How did Alan Thicke die?

Alan Thicke has received warnings well before months of his death by his doctors. Still, he could not be saved even after knowing his health condition well before it deteriorated. One fine day, Alan was playing ice hockey with his son. But he suddenly collapsed and was declared dead later. What happened?

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According to PEOPLE, the late star died because of the “ruptured aorta,” and “standard type A aortic dissection.” While he was playing with his younger son, Carter, his aorta ruptured which after probably three hours developed into a tear and finally took away his life. The reason behind another late star’s death, John Ritter, in 2003 was also aortic rupture.

The “Growing Pains” star died at an age of 69 years.

As many of us might know, the aorta is the main artery that carries blood to the heart and other parts of our body which is in the shape of a candy cane. According to the late actor’s death certificate, he developed a Type A dissection in his aorta.

What is a dissection?

Aortic dissection in simple terms is nothing but the tear of the aortic walls which disrupts the blood flow. The pain is tremendous when the tear occurs and it's fatal where chances are very less for immediate surgery.

Back to Alan Thicke now:

TMZ was the first to report the news of the late actor’s death. According to TMZ, Alan lost his life to a heart attack on Tuesday afternoon while he was playing with his young son, Carter, as told by his elder son, Robin Thicke.

Alan is known to lastly appreciate his younger son for a nice shot before his heart stopped beating. While talking to the Times, Alan’s elder son shared a memory of his with his late father. Robert told them that he has met his father days before he left this earth and let him know how much he was loved and respected. “He is the greatest man I ever met,” Robin adds.

Alan’s well-wishers, colleagues, and dear ones from inside and outside of Hollywood prayed for his soul.

While paying tributes to the late actor, Carter Thicke, the younger son of Alan took to Twitter to express his grief. Carter told Alan was his idol. Carter also added that Alan was a legend and that he was loved but the world lost one of its finest.

The late actor’s resume was full of art pieces. Before starring in How I Met Your Mother, the 69-year-old actor was known to have played the role of Jason Seaver in Growing Pains. He was most admired for his role in Growing Pains. Besides the acting job, the actor also hosted a talk show called “The Alan Thicke Show.” The Canadian show was aired in the 1980s. The show was parlayed into an American talk show, “Thicke of the Night,” however the American version was only short-lived.

Love Boat, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Married……..With Children are some of his memorable works. His recent works include This is Us and the Fuller House. He had given several best moments to his fans by starring in a guest role in How I Met Your Mother.

Alan was a much-loved figure in Hollywood and as soon as the word about his death spread throughout the city, fans hit social media to pray for his soul.