BTS J-Hope's "Jack in the Box" is Stream Now

Hello BTS J-Hope’s New Solo album “Jack in the Box” Arson musicvideo is available on stream now at Friday (July 15). J-Hope army says that ‘this is exactly what we want’.

So we can say that Jack in the Box Is out of the Box now. This record have almost 10 tracks which included many new tracks and records such that Arson, more, Jack in the Box and Pandora Box.

What is J-Hope's role in BTS?

J-Hope (Rapper, Dancer, Song writer, and record producer of the BTS.


Why hoseok is called J-Hope?

Original name of J-Hope is Jung Ho Seek . J- Hope is the Name of Jung Ho Seok’s stage.


Does Suga like J-Hope?

Suga has often praised for J-Hope at every talking point.


J-Hope's solo debut album, Jack in the Box, drops Friday

J-Hope, best known as a member of BTS, released his highly anticipated debut solo studio album, Jack in the Box, on July 15. The release follows J-Hope's hit 2018 solo mixtape Hope World.


Friday Reminder

7 Important Songs to Add to Your Hobby Streaming Playlist:

1) On (ft sia) — 99,972,579

2) Interval: Shadow- 96,666,948

3) Boy Meets Evil - 95,174,975

4) Left and Right- 87,745,441

5) Butter—928,033,955

6) Love with Love (ft Halsey) - 883,532,458

7) Play BTS - 66,016,346


Did BTS break up?

But their breakup has left many fans wondering what will happen next. Seoul, South Korea - Last week's surprise announcement by BTS that they were taking a break to focus on members' solo projects stunned their global fan base, shook their label's stock price and many questions were left about the future of the K-pop super group.


Does J-Hope have a solo album?

On Saturday, June 25, Big Hit revealed the details of J-Hope's upcoming solo album and single. According to the announcement on Weavers, the solo project titled Jack in the Box will arrive on July 15, with the first single coming two weeks earlier on July 1.


What was J-Hope's first song?

J-Hope's first official single, "More", reached the U.S. within 12 days of its release. Entered Billboard's main singles chart. According to Billboard on Tuesday, "More" peaked at number 82 on the Hot 100 chart. "Peacock" incorporates old-fashioned hip-hop sounds and screaming features.


What is a solo album?

In popular music, a solo album, is an album recorded by current or former member of a musical group that is released only under that artist's name, even though some or all of the other band members may be included. The solo album appeared in the late 1940s.