The original name of Jim Parson, most famously known as Sheldon Cooper, is James Joseph Parson. He is also a Producer alongside being an actor. He was born on March 24, 1973.

  1. Jim Parson is appreciated and loved by his fans for his outstanding performance as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. But it took fifteen failed pilots for Jim to reach the level of fame which he is experiencing now. He played various roles, in various pilots before landing himself with the most famous character Sheldon Cooper of CBS. He had to go through a long journey to place him on the top level that he is now.
  2. Jim is probably not those extrovert guys who get along with anyone right from the first meet. But he sure is a good friend with Leonard in every possible sense. Although he had a good relationship with Penny and Johnny Galecki as with Simon Helberg, he admits that he misses Simon the most. He says that he is going to miss Simon as he spent a lot of time together as they go back and forth to their dressing rooms and talked for almost 12 years.
  3. As was evident already, Jim was the central pillar of The Big Bang Theory, of course, the remaining cast too gained equal recognition, stardom, and the pay, but he was the heart and soul of the show and he was also the first one to feel that it is time to move on to another phase and discussed with the co-stars and the show makers about him pulling himself out of the show. The cast, crew, and the show creators soon realized that the show cannot go on successfully with the main lead and this decision led to the cancellation of the series
  1. Jim probably is the most famous TV stars of contemporary times; he delivered such outstanding performances and received appreciations time and again for his acting in The Big Bang Theory. But it is known that Jim is the most nervous guy out of the gang. He used to panic each night before the taping and forget his lines. Despite receiving so many awards and giving so many performances both on stage and in front of the camera it is surprising to know that he got ‘stage fright’. Despite the entire struggle, he would go through he used to deliver the most professional performances each time.
  2. Forbes listed Jim as the highest-paid actor’s on TV list in 2018. But his acting skills are not trusted by some people. The University which Jim attended for acting classes, the University of San Diego, the University was sure that he wouldn’t make an actor. But the actor is now four Primetime Emmy award winner for his role as Sheldon, in The Big Bang Theory.

  3. shares a common trait with Sheldon Cooper. Cooper lost his father, when he was young, to cardiac arrest. Parson went through similar pain in his 20s. Milton Joseph, the father of Jim, passed away at the age of 52 in a car accident.
  4. There were times when Jim was the highest-paid actors on TV, he was especially praised for his role, Sheldon. However, his audition for the role, Sheldon, had to be retaken, as the Show Maker, Chuck Lorre, thought it to be a fluke. Sheldon nailed the second audition and the rest, as they would say, is history