The mobile application developers keep an eye on how the redesigning affect their users' interest. A good mobile application should go through timely updates and should have a user-friendly design.

However, sometimes changes in the design are not welcomed well, as many big applications have seen extreme criticism just over changing their designs, sometimes users want to stick with the original design. It should be understood that not everyone will appreciate the redesign (even if it's brilliant).

Mobile App Before After

Image Source: Applikey

There are certain measures that can make the redesigning experience a lot less frustrating and contribute to successful outcomes for both the consumer and the company.

Start by asking yourself and your team the main reason why your mobile application needs to be redesigned. After you have established the purpose of the improvements, it is crucial that you keep referring to this purpose during the redesigning process. Your whole concept team should recognize your main goal well and stick to achieving it.

The communication with your users also holds great importance as it will only help you in redesigning your application in a better and acceptable manner. You may ask them what changes they expect or need and ask them about their preference for the little things like colour and font.

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After communicating with your users and team, you may proceed with the redesigning and enter the testing phase. You can launch beta versions of your mobile application for user feedback and make any necessary changes to the final product if required.

You simply can't rely on one design for your application for the rest of your life. Trends, preferences, and desires of the consumers evolve and change with time, and even a fantastic UX concept can become outdated.

The task of re-designing a mobile application may feel daunting initially, but you can ensure that your effort is worthwhile by following the right measures. So redesigning your mobile application is certainly NOT a bad idea as you can easily accomplish your goals by redesigning in an appropriate manner. By taking the right steps you can give your users an even better experience.