We all know the sixth sense as an extrasensory perception beyond the five commonly used senses. But how many of you have heard about the sixth sense technology? A very few, I guess. But this unpopular, and nascent stage technology has the potential to revolutionize the internet once again in a big way after android. What does it have at that huge scale? Let’s discover it today. 

How many of you have fantasized about the gadgets that are shown in Hollywood science fictions, the gadgets that display in the air, the gadgets that talk to humans, the gadgets that work without big screens? Well, I still do that. That is what sixth sense technology is all about. Sixth sense technology allows us to interact with the world in a new way again. The sixth sense is a wearable gesture interface that works with prevailing mobile phones or even a small button. It lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with information. Let us understand the working with a prototype:

The sixth sense technology prototype consists of a camera, colored finger caps, pocket projector, and a wearable device. The colored caps are to be fixed to the fingers. The camera captures the moments of the capped fingers and sends the information to the device to which it is connected for processing. After the information is processed, the required output is displayed in front of the projector onto any surface or merely into the air. Well, that’s fantastic, isn’t it? You can capture a moment with just your fingertips or watch a movie just when you feel like it. 

Applications of sixth sense technology:
The idea sounds appealing, but where are they gonna apply it? As I said, the sixth sense technology has a lot of potentials to revolutionize the digital world that persists today. 

  • You can use your fingers as a brush to paint. It also eliminates the need for the mouse. What is technology after all, if not decreasing the machinery and achieving maximum output? That’s what this technology is aiming at, don’t you think?
  • Now you don’t have to check your mobile every time when you want to check the time. Just draw a circle on your wrist, the time is shown on your wrist. Pre-set symbols and signs allow the technology to take some such gestures as inputs to produce the required output.
  • Click photos by just crossing your fingers. You don’t have to open your mobile, camera, or anything else. Just capture the moment with your fingers.
  • The hand is the new dialer with this technology. Whenever you want to make a call, the dialer gets projected onto the palm. You can connect Bluetooth to take your sixth sense experience a notch further. The multi-touch and multi-user gesture-based interface allows you to interact with the information instantly and with increased speed than we are experiencing now. While the technology already sounds so captivating, it is still in its nascent stage. If fully developed and implemented, it has the potential to translate into seamless applications that can make science fiction come true.