If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory you must have known Kunal Nayyar who played the Astrophysicist guy, Raj Koothrapalli, for nearly twelve long years until it ended recently in 2019. Since then his selfies on his social media accounts are attracting fans and intriguing them about what he has been up to these days.

  • The Break: After entertaining his fans for twelve long years he has finally decided to take a break from acting only after the wrapping up of the show. He also opined that he didn't want to rush into a new job and planning to go back to India to spend some quality time with his parents as he has not gone to India since 1999.
    Kunal Nayyar Lifestyle
  • Social media detoxification: Taking a break from Social media and enjoying a quality personal space is good for mental health. Following the wrapping up of the sitcom, Kunal announced about his holiday trip and the social media break following the holiday. After exactly four months he made his appearance back on social media on the occasion of Diwali celebrations and has been active since then.
    Kunal Nayyar
  • To mark the end and to celebrate the twelve long run successful years, Nayyar has been attending interviews and conferences with the cast after the show ended last year.
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  • New look: After a four-month-long break from social media, he came back with new and handsome looks with a new beard and mustache which is completely different from his earlier look on The Big Bang Theory leaving his fans astonished over his new India macho guy look.
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  • Spiritual side: It is never too late to explore and revisit the spiritual side of oneself. After making his appearance on social media he made sure to check on his fans, post encouraging stuff, shared his photos celebrating the festival Diwali.
  • Proud of the heritage: Nayyar has always referred to his Indian heritage and started showing his true Indian side since he wrapped up the show, embracing the heritage. Lots of photos of how his house in LA was integrated with Indian heritage were being shared by him on his social media accounts a lot in recent times.
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  • Mental health awareness: Pandemic and lockdowns have impacted the social life of people very much that it started showing its negative sides on their mental health as is evident in raising mental health cases. Nayyar is no exception from the global rules but he has taken this situation to encourage people to maintain social distancing by raising awareness. He also created a forum where he can answer his fan's questions about mental health and how to cope with them during the lockdown and pandemic period.
    Kunal Nayyar Lifestyle
  • Post-TBBT Works: For the past one, Kunal has not been seen taking any new roles but just a few months back in March he was seen joining a TV thriller, Suspicion, featuring Uma Thurman.