Do you like Marvel's Heroes?
Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Black Panther, Thanos, or Black Widow?
If yes, then do you know that all these characters were created in the mind of a person when he used to broom after hearing people's scolding, or was serving coffee - and this person's name is Stanley.

Let's see how all these superheroes started!

Stanley's real name was Stanley Martin Lieber. He was born on 28 December 1922 in New York. Stanley's father was a dress cutter and his family's financial condition was very poor.Marvel God Father Stan Lee photo, stan lee doctor strange

During the Great Depression, Lee's father was unable to find work, only then did Stanley realize that he too would have to work hard to bring money to his house. That's why Stanley started doing small things from childhood so that he could support his family.

Lee used to deliver sandwiches along with his studies, he loved reading and writing and his first writing job was to write obituary i.e. to write death notes for the dead in the newspaper.

After this, in 1939, when Lee turned 17, his uncle got him a job in Timely Comics. Lee was an assistant to Time Comics editor Martin Goodman. Lee was given very trivial tasks such as filling ink in pans, preparing lunches for people, and carrying files from one corner of the office to another.

Sometimes Lee got the job of editing work in comics. Lee's first publishing job was in Captain America. Stanley was then allowed to write dialogues in the comics, but he had not yet got the drawing job.

Seeing Stanley's talent, he was briefly appointed editor of Timely Comics at the age of 19, and Lee got the opportunity to create his first comics. His first superhero name was "Destroyer". This superhero appeared in Mistake Comics in 1941. For many years, Stanley worked as an editor at Timely Comics, and during World War II from 1942 to 1945, he also served in the US Army.

After World War 2, he joined Timely Comics once again. Timely Comics was renamed "Atlas Comics" in the 1950s. Stanley worked for Atlas Comics until the late 1950s. But by the end of the 1950s, he was tired of the job and thought of giving up comics.

At that time, Atlas Comics' rivals were "DC Comics", which was becoming very popular. Atlas Comics was not that famous among people, because DC Comics Super Heroes was very famous. Atlas Comics owner Martin Goodman requested Stanley to stop at Atlas Comics because he knew that if anyone could beat DC Comics, it was Stanley.

Fantastic Four Creation

Stanley listened to Martin Goodman and created new superheroes, which people liked very much. In 1961, Stanley teamed up with Jack Curby to form a superhero team called the "Fantastic Four", and people liked this series very much. Atlas Comics was renamed Marvel Comics after the Fantastic Four.Fantastic four characters in a poster by Stan Lee, stan lee endgame

During this time Stanley also worked with other famous editors such as "Jack Curby" and "Steve Ditko", who created the world's most famous superheroes such as Spider-Man and the Hulk.

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Stanley told in his interview that after making "Fantastic Four" his publisher told him that now he would have to create a new superhero. Lee went home that day and started thinking about a new superhero. He was sitting at home wondering what power he should give to his next superhero and then he saw a spider climbing the wall.

Journey of Spider-Man

Seeing that spider, it came to his mind that why not give the next superhero the superpower to crawl by sticking on the wall, but when he was thinking of the name, different ideas came to his mind like a fly man, mosquito man, spider Man.Stan Lee is giving a pose of Spider Man,  lee marvel, stan lee marvel comics

You must have known which of these names would have been selected.
Lee then thought that why not give Spiderman personal problems like ordinary people so that everyone can relate and at the same time make Spiderman a teenager, because to date no one had made a teenage superhero.

Stanley made Peter Parker, the character of Spider-Man, shy and introverted like normal humans so that everyone could attach to him.

Stanley happily ran to his publisher the next day and told him about the concept of Spiderman, but his publisher told him it was the worst idea ever. The publisher asked Stanley do you know what is a superhero in actuality? The superhero doesn't have personal problems, he is perfect.

Hearing this, Stanley became sad and left his publisher's office. But the idea of ​​Spiderman did not go from his mind. Now his company had a magazine called "Amazing Fantasy". This magazine was being shut down because it was not running. That's why its last issue was going to be published, put any content in the last issue of a magazine, no one cares.

Stanley thought why not feature Spiderman on the cover in the last issue of this magazine? When the magazine figures arrived a month later, Lee was astonished to see. The same publisher who had insulted Spiderman came running to him and told him, Stan! Stan! You know that character Spider-Man which we both loved so much, let's make a new series on that. And as we know this series became very famous.

How Hulk was Created by Marvel Stan Lee?

Stanley used very different ideas to create the Hulk as well. In an interview, Lee said that he came up with the idea of ​​the Hulk after watching the "Frankenstein Movie", in which Frankenstein is a monster, but Frankenstein doesn't actually want to harm anyone. He was a good monster, he was scary in appearance so people used to run away from him.

Then Lee came up with another idea, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", in which a person could become a monster, so Stanley thought why not make him a good monster that can change his body like this? And he named this monster "Hulk".Stan Lee is standing with his comic Characters like Hulk and Spider Man, lego stan lee

Lee kept Hulk's skin color as gray in actuality, but at the time of publishing, some problem occurred on the printer, due to which Hulk was printed in green color and since then till today we recognize Hulk by green color.

Amazing Story behind the creation of Famous Magician - Doctor Strange!

Another superhero played by Benedict Cumberbatch is "Doctor Strange". Stanley says that he has seen a lot of people doing magic tricks on stage and seeing them, Lee wondered why not a superhero who can actually do magic. But Lee did not want his superhero to speak Aabra Ka Dabra like ordinary magicians. That's why Lee created his own dialogues such as "by the crystal moon of Cinnarock" which is very famous.A Comic Character Doctor Strange is doing some Magic Tricks in a poster, marvel legends stan lee

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How Iron Man Became Famous among Children as a Military Industrialist and a superhero?

We all have heard the name of Ironman. At one time there was a lot of war going on in the world. Hearing the news of Wars, Lee came up with the idea that why not create a superhero who could make Ammons and weapons, while at the same time, Lee wanted to make him an industrialist, that is, a businessman.

Children do not like military industrialists at all and Lee's aim was to make children like these characters. That's why he made Iron Man a military industrialist as well as a science lover, trailblazer, and a cool character, due to which everyone liked Iron Man.

Lee told in an interview that one day his publisher Martin came to him and asked him how our comics are selling so much.
Lee said that the style of his comics is different from the rest of the comics. In his comics, Lee puts everyone's name in the special credits section, which is not the case with the rest of the comics. Lee wanted his comics to have a movie feel.all Marvel Superheroes showing their powers in a poster, celebrating marvel's stan lee

How did Marvel Comics become famous among the public?

In the credits section, a funny sentence was written in front of everyone's name such as "Return with fashion by Stanley", "drawn with enthusiasm by Jack Kirby", and "Lettered with a scratchy pen point by Artie Simek". To make his comics more successful than other comics, Lee put a page at the end of the comics called "Bullpen Bulletins".

Contact between Marvel Superheroe creator and the Public!

In it, Lee used to make further announcements or write about random topics. This page caused readers to feel that they knew Lee personally, as well as Stanley trying to write something different on the cover of the comics. As it was once written on the cover of the comic, this may not be the best story but we have given you many good stories to date, so you should buy this story too.

Everyone thought Lee had lost his mind, but Lee's idea worked and this comic became his best-selling comic, even as Lee received mails from fans, saying that he liked what he wrote.

Stanley loved having a letter to the editor section in his comics, which contained letters to the editor for fans. All of Marvel's competitors also had this section in their comics.

But in his comics, Lee kept this section separate from his competitors. Usually, in the rest of the comics, the letters of the fans were very formal, such as the letters of the fans starting with the Dear Editor, but Stanley wrote Dear Lee to make these letters friendly. And when Lee replied to the letter to his fans, he was also very friendly.

For example, if the name of a fan was "Charles Smith", then the rest of the editors used to write in their magazine "Dear Charles". But Lee used to write "Hi Charles" so that he would be friendly with the fans, even then his fans started writing "Hi Stan". In this way, Lee formed a friendly relationship with his fans.Stan Lee is standing with his famous comics like Spider Man, Iron Man, etc, stan marvel

Relation between Marvel and Stan Lee, what was the contact?

Stanley had a lifetime contract with "Marvel", that is, he used to get a million dollars every year. When Marvel's owners sold the company, the new owners ended all these contracts. According to Lee's new contract, he only got half a million dollars a year and replaced the lifetime contract with a two-year contract.

Marvel Superheroes Creator New Startups

Lee was not happy with the contract, so he left Marvel. He opened his new company "Stanley Media" with Peter Paul, the owner of the American Spirit Foundation. At first, this company did very well, but after some time, Stanley's partner Peter was accused of financial fraud.

Peter fled to Brazil to save himself. An arrest warrant was issued for him and he was finally arrested in Brazil. Lee was not at all involved with the finances of this company, Peter handled all the financial work. Because of this, his company became Bancroft. The company had a lot of debt that Stanley was asked to pay, as he was the chairman.

Stanley had certain contracts with Marvel, according to which Stan Lee was to receive a share of the profits of Marvel Movies. Marvel did not give Stanley's Spiderman profits, which led Stanley to sue him. Lee won the case and Marvel had to pay Lee ten million dollars.

Stanley then started a new company with Gill Champion, named "PoW Entertainment", which was very successful.PoW Entertainment Poster of marvel stan lee

Personal Life of Marvel Superheroes creator Stan Lee

During the end of Stanley's life when he was very ill, his manager was subjected to several acquisition allegations. Stanley's manager was Keya Morgan, who was accused of trying to keep Stanley away from his family and friends so that he could steal expensive paintings and artworks from his house.

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In May 2018, police and social workers came to Stanley's house to see if all was well in his house. But Morgan calls the police and says that the Strangers have come to Stanley's house. While he knew that they were social workers. Morgan was later arrested because he had written a false report.

Stan Lee Daughter - J. C. Lee

Along with Morgan, another man had allegations of using Stanley in old age. You will be surprised to hear that his own daughter J.C. Lee (Joan Celia Lee). Stanley and his wife's first daughter died just days after she was born.
He had his own next daughter, J.C. Lee was there, gave a lot of attention to it, and did not let anything be lacking. Stanley said that J.C. Lee abuses her very verbally and sometimes even raises her hand.marvel superhero creator Stan Lee and his daughter JC Lee giving Spider Man pose, superhero kindergarten

In 2018, there was also a case of Elderly Abuse against Stanley's manager named Jerry Olivarez. According to Stanley's complaint, Olivarez had fired his banker, who had been working with Stanley for twenty-six years. And after that Olivarez withdrew $4.6 million from Stanley's account.

Stanley also said before his death that Olivarez had forced him to pay $300,000 to a non-profit organization. Even Oliverez bought a house for $8.5 million with Lee's money. Along with this, $ 1.4 million was also withdrawn from his account and Lee's "Will" was also changed.

Olivarez was accused of taking advantage of Lee's illness. Lee said that Olivarez had all the confidential information and he took full advantage of it.

Do you know that?

Ques: Did Stan Lee create Marvel?

Ans: Stan Lee is a well-loved man, best known for creating the famous Marvel brand of superheroes. His status has given him a legacy that will never die, and he made a cameo in every Marvel movie even when he was alive.

Ques: Why is Stan Lee in every Marvel movie?

Ans: The New Marvel deal allows Stan Lee cameos in future movies and Disney+ shows. Stan Lee was the godfather of the marvel Universe. Lee and artist Jack Kirby were responsible for creating many of the heroes that generate billions of dollars on the big screen today, including the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four.

Ques: Who is Stan Lee in Marvel?

Ans: Stan Lee portrays himself as an informant for the Watchers, tracking and detailing events on Earth within the Marvel Cinematic Universe media franchise. Before his death on November 12, 2018, Lee appeared in every installment of the franchise from Iron Man (2008) to Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Ques: Who Was Stan Lee's First Marvel Character?

Ans: Radioactive spider man
Peter Parker Makes His Marvel Debut! Lee's inspiration for Spider-Man came from his desire to portray a teenage hero who was not cast as a sidekick.

Ques: Who is the founder of Marvel?

Ans: Martin Goodman
Marvel Comics / Founder
Martin Goodman was an American publisher of pulp magazines, paperback books, men's adventure magazines, and comic books, which launched the company that would become Marvel Comics.

Ques: Who came first, DC or Marvel?

Ans: DC Comics became first launched in 1934, making it 5 years older than Marvel. It was first published under National Affiliated Publications. It was changed to DC Comics in 1977, inspired by their popular series Detective Comics, which featured Batman.