To sin is human. All of us commit mistakes we regret later. These mistakes are life’s greatest lessons. Making mistakes and learning from them is a constant process. You grow as a person and hope you don’t repeat the mistakes you have committed, either big or small. Each person learns from his own mistakes but wouldn’t you also want to learn from other people’s mistakes as well? Wouldn’t it be great that you avoid the mistakes altogether? Saving your time and energy without losing the opportunity to learn is great. You would reach your destination quicker than usual. I have regrets like you too because I have committed the same mistakes. Although I am not proud of them, they sure were my best teachers. To gain wisdom from other people’s lives, I have compiled a list of the 21 biggest common mistakes people commit in their lives. Go through them and try to avoid doing them in your life: 

  • Ignoring health: Health is central to your hard work. When you ignore your health, you are willfully compromising on your dreams and goals. Ill health leads to a multitude of problems, including decreased productivity. When half of your life is bedridden due to various health issues, when do you intend to work for your dreams? That’s why carve out a healthy lifestyle from today. Nah! Right now. Don’t ignore your health. Lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are not interested in your health, then no one else will be!

  • Try to be your best version: You can still be best without being perfect. Don’t run after perfection. Embrace your imperfections and shine along with them. Accept and own your flaws. Strive to improve yourself and grow in life. Always be conscious of where you are and where you want to be. Tiny improvements each day can lead up to tremendous results someday. Just give your best shot each day. 

  • Don’t dwell in the past: The most common mistake every human commits is dwelling the past regrets. It is not going to lead anywhere. You have still got the chance to do something about your mistakes in the past. Learn from them and evolve. Growing into the best version of your self should be the ultimate motto. Overthinking will also take a massive toll on your health. 

  • Have faith: Hard times are like passing clouds. They don’t stay forever. Don’t lose hope no matter how hard it is. Always believe in yourself, your skills, abilities, strengths, and knowledge. Having faith will help you maintain a positive attitude towards life which radiates positive energy. The energy you radiate the same energy back. Faith gives you strength, hope, and confidence, and with confidence, there is nothing that can’t be achieved. 

  • Pretending: All of us, at some point, strive to reach the standards of society but not sooner than we recognize that our life ought to be lived on our own terms. It’s easy to succumb to societal pressure. However, remember that don’t pretend so that people will like you. Try to be yourself and let the right people like you for who you are. You are taking the wrong path if you are already trying to pretend. Be true to yourself and society. You are who you are, and let no one change the truth. 
  • Neglecting attitude: Most of us are lazy. We miss a lot of great opportunities just because we ignore them. Every opportunity is a golden opportunity. You don’t know what is awaiting your destiny. Always be active, mindful, and open to opportunities. Life offers its hands to active and open to opportunities, be it small or large. Make sure you don’t close the door on the face of your life. 

There will be ups and downs when you look back in your life. But what matters is what you have learnt from them and how you dealt with them. Stop regretting and start focusing on the learning part. However, mistakes ought to happen and are good sometimes as they teach you the value of life. Whatever the case might be, what is important is how you are living your life. Make it worthy enough by learning constantly and evolving from your mistakes.