There has been a recent upsurge in people turning towards alternative and complementary medicine which includes everything ranging from acupuncture to crystal healing. You might have heard or come across people showing off beautiful stones, what else do you know other than just stones? 

Numerous crystals have their own healing abilities and promote the flow of good energy whilst getting rid of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits as well. 

As the medical fraternity and the civilians started realizing the significance of mental health, the concepts of mindfulness, reflection, and acceptance became the key pillars for mental health. 

There is not enough scientific evidence on the efficacy of crystals in healing, yet several people are resorting to these old cum modern healing methods. If you are wondering what it is all about, here I am, to give you a detailed idea about what is what: 

What is crystal healing?
Crystal healing is claimed to be an alternative medicine technique that uses crystals and stones for the natural healing of energy. Do they work?
Yes, they do work. But not in the way crystal healing experts claim. “The placebo effect comes into the picture,” says neuroscientists and psychologists. Stuart Vyse, the author of “Believing in Magic: The Psychology of Superstition” says that the mere act of believing in something strongly lifts the hope, brightens the mood, and improves the ability to cope with adversities better. The psychological benefit involved might work as a placebo effect to bring in an overall positive impact, says the psychologist. 

What does science say?
According to an estimate, US consumers are spending over $30 billion a year on complementary and alternative medicine which includes meditation and yoga too, which are backed by scientific evidence. But for most of the other healing treatments, there is very little data available to conclude the effects. 

Believing in healing: 
People dealing with chronic diseases, particularly Americans, are known to experimenting with alternative and complementary medical treatments which are scientifically unproven. 

In research, nearly one-third of people concurred that they believe in spiritual energy in physical things like crystals, trees, and oils. In a similar study, 80% of the participants revealed that they would prefer supplements of their choice rather than government supplies. 

Fortunately, most of these complementary medical techniques don’t show adverse effects. Yet, people must realize that although the placebo effect lessens the symptoms, they aren’t known for curing the diseases. 

Different types of healing crystals:
There are numerous crystals for each need and requirement:

  • Clear Quartz: is considered a “master healer” which is known to increase concentration and energy by absorbing, releasing, and amplifying energy. 
  • Rose quartz: As the name and colour suggest, this crystal is all about love. It is known to restore love and trust in a relationship. 
  • Jasper: is known as a “Supreme nurturer” that empowers your spirit when you are passing through your toughest phases. 
  • Turquoise: This blue crystal is known for its qualities of healing the mind, soul, and body. 
  • Bloodstone: lives up to its name by clearing bad energies and improving circulation. 
  • Sapphire: symbolizes wisdom and royalty as it attracts happiness, peace, and prosperity. Even if they don’t do good to you, they don’t do bad to you at least. Despite not having scientific evidence, people are not demotivated by this factor and are still showing interest in trying these alternative medical techniques.