In any democratic country, there are four very visible pillars. Media and Press are among them. If they are strong then the government is always answerable to the citizens of the country. But what happens if Media bowed their forehead in front of the government and started targeted opposition parties? The situation is most likely to the current situation of "World Largest Democracy". India is in the same situation right now.

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is portrayed as a world-class leader by Indian Media. It is good but at the same time, they must have the guts to ask a question about policy failures and all. But what the maximum media houses are doing? They are propagating the same agenda that the ruling party 'BJP' wants to spread. They are doing this like they are paid for this only. For a healthy democracy, criticism is very necessary but our democracy is missing out on that type of media.

In this severe time, when India is collapsing and citizens are facing severe health issues due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Indian Media is still doing the same thing. As a media house, they should question the government over the mismanagement of COVID but they are still busy questioning the opposition leader over "Corona Toolkit", a well-planned issue developed by BJP to divert the real issue. They are debating over such silly topics in primetime shows in place of debating over the government failure.

This is what is called "BAD LUCK". As a Democratic country, this is our bad luck that our media houses are least interested in the lives of our people. In these times we are saluting some media houses or independent journalist who are showing their spine and questioning this autocratic government.