Staying in shape, while travelling, is a tough job. Don’t overthink it. There are numerous ways to stay in shape without visiting the gym regularly. We are going to explore a few clever hacks perfect for your fitness targets even while you are travelling. 

Motivation to exercise while travelling is tough. Sure, there might be initial motivation, but that doesn’t stay long. Travelling makes plans and schedules uncertain. It’s a natural human tendency to get irritated over irregular plans and schedules and drop the ideas and goals altogether. As I said above, the trick is not to overthink. You don’t have to take a break from your daily fitness routine just because you are travelling on a holiday or even if travelling is a part of your profession or job. Once you break the routine, it will be harder to get back on track. To help you, I have collated a few tips and tricks to continue and build fitness routines into your uncertain days, plans, and schedules. 

  • Keep active: Ensure that you engage in as much physical activity as possible, even if you are travelling. Travelling by train, car, or even a plane can force you to sit for long hours. But you can utilize the in-between times cleverly. Take your running shoes with you. If time permits or you encounter a delay, take a brisk walk wherever possible rather than just sitting. If you are driving by car, take breaks to stretch and relax your muscles. You can practice numerous tricks like walking up the escalator rather than just standing or taking the stairway instead of lift if you have time. Make a goal of reaching 10,000 steps a day. 10,000 steps a day is the most recommended fitness activity. 
  • Yoga: The benefits of yoga are endless, especially when it comes to travelling. It leaves you feeling energized after a hectic day of travelling. Do a routine daily. 
  • Bike it: Some countries are building bike-friendly roads to promote cycling and reduce the ill-effects of modern vehicles on climate. You can rent a bike and go on exploring the city. This way grants you double the benefits of the cheap mode of transport and blends with your fitness routine. You can choose this mode of transport depending upon your capacity for cycling. If you intend to cover visiting sites within a few kilometres from your place of residence, you can opt for a bike. 
  • Join local activities: Each city is famous for something. Spain salsa, Latin American Tango, and Chinese martial arts are just a few examples. Try something that enriches your cultural experience and benefits your fitness routine as well. 
  • Beaching and watersports: Swimming laps is an awesome full-body workout. Running on the beach sand is great cardio. Kayaking is good for the core and upper body. Beaching and watersports are not only fun but healthy and good for your fitness.
  • Use the Airport gym: Got a long delay ahead? Worry not. Make the most out of your time by utilizing the airport’s gym services. You don’t need to have a first-class ticket or gold-line membership. A priority pass will get you access to more than 1000 lounges across the world, regardless of your airline and cabin class.
  • Eat healthy: Staying fit is not just about doing workouts, it is about eating right too. After landing in a new place, it is very easy to slip into the “you only live once” mindset. But don’t let it ruin your goals. Choose to eat right and live healthy and fit. 

It is ok to go easy once in a while. Travelling doesn’t let you follow one strict routine. But don’t let that impact your regular exercise and diet goals. Travelling does wonders for your mental health. You need to supplement it with your physical activities to ensure better physical health as well.