The migratory monarch butterfly has become endangered due to Environmental Change and is seen as close to extinction.

Migratory Monarch butterfly (Danaus Plexippus in Danger).

Danaus Plexippus is a famous species of butterfly that travels up to 4,000 km annually across the Americas.

But due to environmental change, IUCN(International Union for Conservation of Nature) has put it on the rate list as its life is seriously threatened.

Heavy deforestation in Mexico and California has depleted its winter habitat. This butterfly migrates to Canada and America in summer. According to a study, its number has decreased from 72 percent to 22 percent in the last ten years. The use of pesticides is also causing the extinction of the Migratory Monarch butterfly. In its favorite crops, its larvae die due to the use of pesticides. For this reason, its birth rate is decreasing.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques: In which month do monarch butterflies migrate?

Ans: Travel of emperors
So every fall—early October, giant clouds of monarch butterflies travel 2,500 miles south where they stay in hibernation for six to eight months. Then in February or March, the whole cycle starts all over again.

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Ques: Do Monarch Butterflies Migrate?

Ans: Flying as far as 2,500 miles from the US and Canada where they breed, all the way to the forests of central Mexico where they hibernate, the monarch's migratory pattern is the most developed of any known species of its kind.

Ques: Why is the monarch butterfly at the hazard of extinction?

Ans: Emma Pelton of the nonprofit Xerces Society, which tracks western butterflies, said butterflies are threatened by means of habitat loss and multiplied use of herbicides and pesticides for agriculture, in addition to climate exchange.

Ques: Are butterflies in danger of extinction?

Ans: At-risk species
Inside the u.s. by myselffive butterflies have long passed extinct due to the fact that in 1950; further twenty-9 butterflies are listed as endangered nationwideand six are listed as threatened.

Ques: Why are monarch butterflies important to the environment?

Ans: As pollinators, monarch butterfly migration across the continent provides an invaluable service, which is essential for many ecosystems to thrive. It is thanks to pollinators, such as butterflies, bees, and other insects that we have many flowers and dietary staples that we enjoy, such as squash and blueberries.

Ques: What if all butterflies went extinct?

Ans: Without these wonderful insects, many plant species would be unable to reproduce and their populations would drop dramatically without the presence of a butterfly. We will see this effect in many plant species including the wildflowers we love.