Racism in various forms is already posing a significant threat to the existence of humanity. From Donald Trump referring to Corona virus as a “Chinese virus” to a sharp increase in attacks against Asians in America and Asian-Americans in America, Canada, and other parts of the world is ringing alarm bells. Since the emergence of the Coronavirus, misconceptions, false narratives and hatred is spreading against China and other Asian countries. This attempts to decode what lead to current tensions between different human races: 


  • There has always been a cultural divide between different races. China stands 2nd in the largest in the US diaspora. The prevailing cultural divide has led to misconceptions and misunderstanding with the pandemic. 
  • Although the Asian population is the fastest-growing population and majority globally, the habits, cultures, and practices are not widely covered, and people are not adequately educated about the diversity of practices and traditions. 
  • The prevailing intolerance to certain races has aggravated with uncertain events. People who affiliate to extreme ideologies and opinions are the main people who adopt an intolerant behaviour towards opposite races. 
  • Lack of inclusivity in-laws and social rules has made people averse to diverse practices. 


  • Attacks and violence against Asians and Asian-Americans have risen to extreme levels since the inception of the virus. 
  • Besides violence, Asian ethnicity is facing increasing insult both online and in the real world than ever before. 
  • Asian people and businesses have seen social boycott in various instances. While some have endured emotional trauma, few others lost their livelihood due to meaningless fears. 
  • People of Asian ethnicity have faced emotional trauma with various forms of violence, insult, and boycott against them. 


What must be done for mitigation?

It is high time governments adopt an empathetic stance towards Asian ethnic groups. 

  • A shift in laws is needed to adopt an inclusive stance towards the Asian ethnic groups and educate them regarding their safeguards. 
  • Governments should consider reframing social rules to include all racial groups into the societies. 
  • People should be sensitized regarding the diversity of practices. 
  • Education and awareness campaigns are needed to reduce the intolerance in people against various ethnic groups. 


What is the current situation?

The US has seen an increase in Anti-Asian racism in recent times. California, one of the busiest states of America, has seen 50,000 virus-related deaths. California is home to over six million Asians. According to a study, Anti-Asian violence has increased by about 1200%. Los Angeles has seen over 115% increase in hate crimes against Asians. The figures are enough to mark the intensity of the issue. 

The new Joe Biden government has signed a new executive order stating that language that contains extreme statements against other ethnic and racial groups will be dealt with seriously. Activists, NGOs, and advocates are calling for action against such hate-filled crimes. It is more important now than ever for the world to stay united rather than turning against one another. In unity, there is strength. Only unity can help us sail through this pandemic.