Goal setting is a process that takes you closer to your ideal future. Not everyone’s style of goal setting is the same. Although there are no ideal ways, the only aim is to draft an effective plan. How much effort do you put into such an important activity? How often do you revisit it? How do you prioritize and reset your goals? I have come across ‘n’ number of blogs that preach the ideal way of goal setting, but very few of them covered the important facets of goal setting, and even if they do it’s not in its entirety. If you are confused and unable to find one single source to clear all your doubts, here I am today, with all that you need:

Goal-setting triggers new behaviours, habits, and new lifestyles. It sets the momentum in life. Goal-setting helps you shift focus towards your end goal. In the end, you can’t master something without proper planning and practice. In this article today, I am going to drive through the importance and benefits of goal-setting:

Before slipping into anything else, let us quickly analyze why to set goals in life?

Without goals life just “happens” to you rather than you deciding what you get from your life. And who doesn’t want to take control of their life? And why would you leave on an opportunity that allows you to do what you want to do and lead a happy life? Other than taking control of your life in the long term, few other reasons bring out the importance of goal-setting, they are:

  • Focus:
    Goals keep you focused. It helps you in getting your act together. Without a proper plan, your efforts become clumsy, disjointed, and confusing often leading to chaos and a disorganized life that leads you nowhere.
  • Measure progress:
    How do you measure your progress without having a goal set in place? You need to have a plan to measure the progress. Progress is rewarding as it energizes you and helps you keep in momentum. You know where you want to go, where you stand, and how far it is until you reach the final milestone. Isn’t it a bit less stressful, that allows focusing on the end goal rather than unnecessary stuff?
  • Avoid procrastination:
    When you have set goals in place, procrastination doesn’t get into your mind. Because you are constantly reminded of how closer you are to your goal. And the wasted time can only delay your progress. Once you understand that procrastination delays your success, you don’t need any external motivation to keep you get going.

  • Adds value to your life:
    A life without goals is worthless living. Going with the flow sounds appealing only in films, not in real life. The act of setting goals is in itself an act that shows what value you are adding to it.

What are the benefits of goal setting?

  • Provides direction:
    Goal-setting provides clarity of direction. They shift your energy, focus, and efforts towards the things that add value to your goals rather than unnecessary things. They guide you on the right path. An unplanned life is a chaotic life. Most of the energy gets wasted in making failed plans, deciding what to do and how to do, and losing direction. Hence, a planned life is a life laid with a direct path to success rather than a life wandering.

  • The clarity in decision making:
    Goal-setting helps you prioritize things. Your energy can be saved and shifted to what is important. It also helps you in shifting focus to what is important to you. This process of prioritizing things reflects in your clarity of decision making.
  • Control over your life:
    What would you choose for your life, drifting aimlessly or taking control of your future and life? You don’t need a plan to go with the flow and end up with whatever life has to offer. You just compromise with whatever life has in store for you. But with proper plans, you can take control of the processes, events, and your future.

People need a sense of purpose in life and a strong desire to accomplish their purpose. The goal-setting process helps you identify that purpose by taking time to reflect on who you are and who you want to be. Life is a constant journey from these two points. Once you narrow down the difference, you get the sense of attainment to give a happy ending to your life. And who doesn’t want to lead a happy life? Centre your life on that purpose by setting your goals and live a meaningful life.