There is no way you can avoid work. After all, your earnings ensure your food on the table every day. But are you happy with your work or the working hours? Are you able to give enough time to your family? Or to yourself per se? 

If your answer to the above questions is a clear no, it’s high time you prioritize. The characteristic of work has changed to unprecedented levels with the uncertainty around the world. You might be staying home more than ever, but you are still missing your social life and hence your life. Adding to the vulnerability, digital socialization has made it even complex to take some time out for ourselves and our families. 

What is the solution to this mechanized living? 

Balance! Yes, work-life balance is the only solution. And you are the sole master of your clock. So you must learn and know how to achieve the work-life balance.

Importance of work-life balance:

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not just crucial for your good health and healthy relationships. It is significant for your increased productivity. With continuous working, the productivity of the system decreases. So, a little personal space helps you give a better comeback. 

  • Health issues: There is no need to mention that the number of hours you work will impact your physical and mental health. And health is the leading brick on which you build your productivity. A poor work-life balance disturbs this harmony. The short term problems which you ignore today might dent your ability to work altogether tomorrow.
  • Engagement: Your deviation from work need not necessarily be with your family and friends. It can be with your colleagues or even with your higher authorities. Employers must realize that good employee to employee relations are a great asset to their organizations. Increased engagement between the employees allows them to work with extra vigour.
  • Reduction in burnouts: Stress is inevitable. And prolonged work hours without any break intensify the stress turning them into burnout. It is a fact that stressed employees are no longer efficient and doesn’t serve to be the assets as they used to earlier. However, they can be avoided. Employers must encourage their employees to take leaves and not overwhelm them with constant demands and targets.
  • Mindfulness: Recent days have seen many awareness campaigns about mental health. Mental well-being is as vital as physical well-being. Mentally stressed employees take a severe toll on the health of your organization. A mentally fit and mindful employee works entirely focused, which is directly proportional to the productivity and hence the profit-making capability of the employer’s organization. 

With the increased competition, the significance of work-life balance has increased too. Either the employer gives you the freedom or not, you should have control over your time. Only then could you be able to keep up with the competition and the stress. But not everyone is a master of their own time. Let’s explore some probabilities and possibilities to maintain the perfect work-life balance:

  • Off from work: Picnics and vacations with family are not a luxury; they are necessary and an excellent way of escaping from work to bounce back with increased pace and enthusiasm. If you feel stressed for a few days now, I highly insist you go on a vacation with your family or friends. Recuperate and comeback with a bang. 
  • Build breaks into your daily life routine: If you don’t think long vacations work your way, then you can bring breaks into your everyday life. For this, you need to master the art of time management. Plan everything according to the available time and divide accordingly. Then build breaks into that schedule. You can pick up short habits or past-times for your short holidays. This is an excellent way to relax and get back to work. 
  • Exercise: If your work is a demanding one, I suggest you start doing exercise. Why am I stressing so much about exercise? Because there is no other way that reduces your stress as much as exercise does. It is not only good for your physical well-being but mental health. According to studies, people who eat healthily and exercise regularly are less prone to stress, panic attacks, and heart-related ailments. If you want to be prone to such diseases, then start working out. 

Listed above are just a few possibilities to strike a perfect balance between your work and social life. The choice is still yours if you suffer from work burnouts or pick up a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible to stay less stressed throughout your life. 

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