Clever study space ideas!

The transformation to online education during the COVID times left us all a little lazy and ignorant regarding our study spaces. The back to school season is screaming at us. Even if you are in no mood for a swift shift to work mode, you have to. If you haven’t already started working on your study space, wait! Even I had not made it yet. Today let’s explore some of the clever ideas for our study spaces and pick the one that suits us the most.

  1. Closet study desk:

This is the unique idea I could get on board in recent times. Although it is not mine, this recently found Google idea has intrigued me a lot. It is a lot of fun. If you do not have a lot of space and budget, this study space idea is probably the best in store for you. All you need is an unused closet. Repurpose the closet. Redesign the closet and turn it into a perfect “cloffice.”

Add a couple of extra storage shelves, fit a customized desk into the closet, and make other additions you feel are needed according to your requirements.

  1. Study space nook:

If you feel that closet study space nook isn’t your option, explore other potential corners in your home. There may be places that are unused or underutilized for years. Why don’t you craft them according to your study needs? You can create a double-sided study space or saw the table on the shelf to recreate the space.

  1. Bedside study area:

This is an efficient use of bedroom space. Most of the bed-attached study desks can be bought ready-made or you can build one on your own. This kind of study space is a favorite for kids and teens. If you want your children to feel enthusiastic about their studies, this is the best way forward.

  1. Budget-friendly spaces for multiple kids:

Too many children but too little space and budget for study space? Don’t worry. These multi-purpose and multi-children spaces are going to solve your unsolved problem. You can fix a long narrow desk in a corner of your home. Or you can fit two desks side-by-side. You can extend the table for ‘n’ number of kids. And for books, you can build bookshelves randomly on the wall.

  1. Built-in study spaces:

If you can afford expensive and aesthetic study spaces, you can have built-in spaces. Build bookshelves backed by a corkboard, and peg board on one side for more functionality. You can build memo boards, pin boards, and whiteboards as per your needs.

A lot of factors come into play while repurposing or redesigning study spaces. The ambiance, color, and comfort should drive you while creating the spaces. Study spaces play a vital role on study moods. The more vibrant and inspiring your study desk, the more motivated you are to study. The above ideas, in that way, guide you on the right path. I hope the ideas make you admire and fall in love with your new space. If it does, let us know in the comment section below and share similar ideas, if any.