How to prepare for exams?

Exams are the most stressful events in our lives. No matter how prepared you are, you just end screwing up things on D-Day with the fear of not performing well. There are two major reasons for this. Either you are not thoroughly prepared or you are not confident enough about the process.

Today I am going to suggest the solutions to both these problems so that you attend your exam confidently and perform well. 

  • Start early: The most asked question about toppers is their secret to success in exams. But the secret is that there is no secret. Toppers start early on their revisions and you should too. Don’t you think starting early gives you an extra edge over others? Procrastination is not the trait of a topper. And last-minute cramming is not going to lead you anywhere. There is always too much to study. So, start early so that you have extra time to understand the concepts clearly and make brief notes for one more revision.
  • Create a study plan: Your first plan is to have a plan first. You need to craft a proper future course of action to get hold of your syllabus. List down the subjects, topics, and prioritize according to the weightage the subject and topic carries. Well executed plans are what bring you success. After prioritizing, chart out the number of days and assign subjects and topics according to the weightage. Always remember to build breaks into your plan, also remember too many breaks at the time of the exam is not recommended. Having a proper plan in place saves a lot of time and effort that unnecessarily and unknowingly goes into worrying and panicking. The only action that leads you to the path to chalk out a plan.
  • Study space: A lot of people underplay the impact of study space on your study patterns. Unorganized and messy places are great distracters. Always ensure that your study place is neat, organized, pleasant, comfortable with bright light, warm temperature, fresh air, and less noise. De-clutter your space and ensure all the necessary items are at hand’s reach from you. Everyone has their studying patterns, while some prefer to study on a desk; some others find it more comfortable to lie down. Figure out which is your way and organize your place accordingly.
  • Health: Health is more important during exam times. You don’t want to fall sick on your final day and mess your results, do you? That is why a proper diet is important. Avoid heavy and junk food during exams. They reduce the oxygen supply to your brain and you feel sleepy. Always take light and healthy foods to keep your body energetic. Try to include nutritious and protein-rich food in your diet. Drink water as much as possible to keep the body hydrated. Nuts, Yogurt, and dry fruits enhance concentration and retention power.
  • Sleep routine: Sleeping completes the human daily metabolic cycle. And during this, the human body and mind rest completely to regain energy and strength. After a day full of studying, sound sleep helps in retaining the information effectively, says studies. No matter if you are an early bird or a late-night person, ensure that you sleep for 8 hours at least.
  • Diversify your revision techniques: Don’t cram the same books over and over again. Always resort to various techniques.
  • Solve test papers and previous year papers to check where you stand regarding your understanding and analyze what areas need more focus. 
  • Draw mind maps, flow charts, and other diagrams to simplify your concepts. These can be used for last-minute revisions as well. 
  • Study in peer groups, organize discussions, attempt mocks, debate, and organize doubt-solving sessions to hone your concepts.

Last but not the least; plan your final day accordingly. Getting all things and information required ahead of the exam day keeps you cool and confident. Get a sound sleep night before your exam. Get up early in the morning, take a hot water shower and take light food to avoid drowsiness in the examination hall. Start a bit early to your examination hall. Also, have a companion for positive energy. 

And finally…………

As I said earlier, everyone has their methods of studying. You might have your style. But with time and experience, you will learn what suits you the best. In the meantime, I hope this article helps you in the right direction.

Best wishes. J