Life is already complicated and the little pesky obstacles in our day-to-day life tend to make it even more complex. We are here luckily to save you from the daily first world problems you are facing every day. These little DIYs and life hacks are so widely spread that it is now nearly impossible to track and find who the original author is. Dear, whoever it might be, thanks a ton for making our lives easier with your incredibly helpful life hacks. The credit of this article goes to all creative humans who have gone the extra mile to solve the little obstacles in our daily life with their useful hacks.

Ok! Let’s learn some cool life hacks today:

Vexed with clogged drains?

Here is the trick:
Run the hot water down the clogged drains and sprinkle a cup of baking soda and vinegar. Flush the hot water down the drain one more time. And you get all-new unclogged drains within a minute. If you are vexed with the clogged drains, try this hack and get clean drains within a minute.

Make your shower more effective

Showers work perfectly fine in the initial days. But as time passes through, showers gradually become old, and the sprinkling ability of the shower decreases. 
Take a plastic bag full of water with vinegar in it and tie it to the showers or faucets with rubber bands. Let it stay overnight, and see the magic in the morning. This way you get a new faucet or shower without much effort.
Life Hacks

Want your ice to be ice for a longer duration.

Sprinkle some salt on it. Now you can take the ice to longer distances without it melting away halfway through your journey. 

How to make Aroma candles?

Ran out of aroma candles? But want your home to smell fresh and worried about how. Make an orange or lemon candle. Turn the fruits’ shells inside out and add some aroma oil into it and cotton to make an instant eco-friendly Diya which gives a fresh smell for longer durations. You are going to love this hack.

Open lids in just 2 minutes

The most annoying thing on the earth is a stuck lid when you are already running late to work. If you ever face this situation try soaking the lid in hot water for a minute or two, take it out, and wipe down the water. Now the lid opens up pretty easily. Thank me later!

Paper clip as SIM card ejector

Little things get lost pretty easily especially when we need them. If you lose your sim card ejector use a paper clip instead of an ejector.

Remove smell from your shoes

Gotta go out quick? But only has one pair of shoes and they smell odd? We are bringing tea bags to your rescue. Place a couple of tea bags inside your shoes. They absorb the bad smell in a couple of minutes and you’re all good to use them.

Use toilet paper rolls to sow small plants

No place for planting trees? Still, you like gardening. Worry not. Use toilet paper card rolls to sow small plants. This will not only fulfill your desire to garden your house but the tiny little plants are going to bring a lot of smiles to your face.

There are several life hacks to make our everyday lives a lot simpler. These are just a few of them. Try them and let us know if you like them through the comment section. We would come up with many more such hacks to simplify your lives.